Never Let Me Down Edit

is a case featured in Criminal Case, appearing as the introductory case of the game. It is the first case set in

the city of Grimsborough and also the first one to take place in the Industrial Area district.

Plot Edit

A young woman named Emily Sweatheart was reported dead at the mainstreet.

After gaining enough evidence, the Grimsborough PD's intel suggested that Natahsha Ally,Bratt Thomas and Melissa Clark were suspected of murder, in which Natasha was found guilty of grand homicide.

Emily was friend with Natasha,even they promised themself to never be enemies again.But Emily didnt keep her promise and betrayed Natsha,by taking her joband friends.Natasha pissed of and backstabbed her with a knife and let her die.Also she wrote a note for her.The not said"If you backstabbed me by taking my life and live as your,I will backstab you with a knife!"

After arresting Natasha,the team helped Melissa and Bratt in additional investigation.

Chapter 1 Edit

  •  Invastigate mainstreet(Clues:Victims body,bloody knife,a pair floccus
    • Autopsy the Victim's Body. (00:00:05; Attributes: The killer is left-handed and wears red lipstic; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Natasha's house)
    • Investigate Natasha's House. (Prerequisite: Victim's Body autopsied; Clue: Black fabric)
  • Examine Black Fabric (Result:Some hairs one it)
  • Examine Hair (Result: Vanessa Kozlov)
  • Ask about Vannessa about some hair pieces on the bloody black fabric
  • Result:New Suspect : Bratt Scoot
  • Ask Brat about their relationship with Emily
  • Result:A notebook that including a phone number
  • Examine Notebook (Result:Melissa Yardsister)
  • Ask Melissa about the phone number(Result:The notebook is actually Emily's)
  • Invastigate Backyard(Result:A paper that including death threats)
  • Examine The Paper Piece(Result: a dead threat note with a torn photo)
  • Examine Torn Photo (Result:Emily and Vannesa are fighting in the photo,plus,the photo has got red lipstick)
  • Arrest the killer (Result:Vanessa confess everything)
  • //The gameplay case is done

A Fresh Beginning Edit

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